PROM 2014 [Clinton County, Illinois Photographer]

I can’t believe it’s Prom season already! I feel like this year is flying by! Now, if only the weather would catch up for good, that would be perfect! We are SO excited for this year to be offering Prom sessions for both Mater Dei and Central High School! These are 10 minute sessions, with your date or with your girlfriends! You must have an appointment so be sure to call early to schedule yours! The best times will go quickly! 

You will even be able to view and order your images at that same appointment! Ordered images will go on Facebook & Instagram. 

You spent weeks looking for a dress and hours on getting ready… Let show it off for you! 

Call for an appointment 618.407.4363Image

Knox is Three! [Clinton County, Illinois Photographer]

Knox is 3! He is such a fun, energetic little guy! I had a blast photographing him! Mom brought in such cute outfits and I’m so glad we were able to get some great shots!

Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0213.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0214.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0215.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0221.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0222.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0220.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0219.jpg

Hannah – Highland High School Senior [Clinton County IL Senior Photographer]

I am so glad Hannah chose to come into our studio! We had a blast planning her session and thinking of her outfits! I absolutely LOVE her City Senior images! We went into St. Louis for a night shoot and I absolutely am in love with the bright lights, vibrant colors and of course her outfit! Hannah, Future Mizzou student, is such a sweetheart and we absolutely adore her family, too! We had a blast working together and I hope we get to see her family in the future!

Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0198.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0199.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0200.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0203.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0204.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0205.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0201.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0202.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0206.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0207.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0208.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0209.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0210.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0211.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0212.jpg

Buddies & Blooms – Custom Children’s Event [Clinton County, Illinois Photographer]

We are SO excited to announce our CUSTOM Children’s Events! These sessions are completely unique in that the sets are 100% original and something you won’t be able get anywhere else. The session fee is only $25 and you’ll receive 10% off any order, PLUS the option of custom packages and products that we don’t offer during the normal year. Also, you must have an appointment. These events will happen only a twice per year!

This is a unique opportunity to have your child photographed in a completely new way! We are SO excited to be bringing our clients these sweet events!

The first event is call “Buddies and Blooms”. It is custom build Flower Stand, which we have built and designed. We’ve got lots of props like flowers, flower pots, wheelbarrow, seed packets, gardening tools and more. Each child will actually get to plant their own flower to take home and watch it grow! The event will only be held for TWO days and the spots are very limited. It will take place on April 11th and 12th. Once you have secured your spot by placing your deposit, we will give you directions to the unique location for the session.

We have created a Pinterest Board, specifically for this event which will give you a better idea of what to expect. It also has suggestions for the clothing and more :) Be sure to check that out! Buddies & Blooms Pinterest Board

We are looking forward to seeing all the kids in their sweet spring time outfits!

To reserve your space, please call the studio at 407-4363 or you can email us at

Hillary Frost Photography - Buddies and Blooms

Hillary Frost Photography – Buddies and Blooms

Justine – Wesclin Senior High School [Clinton County Illniois Senior Photography]

Late last year, Justine, a senior at Wesclin High School, came in for her senior session. When she showed me all her outfits, I was beyond excited! This girl brought an incredible wardrobe! Plus, she is the type that is just effortlessly beautiful. Even when she arrived for her Pre-Sesison consultation to plan her experience with us, with no make-up and wet hair, I was struck by how pretty and genuine she is. I’m so glad she choose us for her senior portraits!

Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0060.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0061.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0063.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0062.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0064.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0069.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0065.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0066.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0067.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0068.jpg

Jack – 1st Birthday Cake Smash [Clinton County Illniois Photographer]

Oh, where to start with Jack. Can anyone say, “Babyfever”?! This child just makes me want to have lots of cute little boys. He was the sweetest, most innocent, blue-eyed baby! And seriouly, the blue eyes!!!! So handsome! His expressions just crack me up – the many faces of Jack, as we called it :) He has so much sweet personality! He was eyeing up his cake from the start, and it didn’t take long for him to destroy it either! Plopped his leg right up there and enjoyed his chocolate cake :)

Happy First Birthday, Jack!

Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0030.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0037.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0039.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0031.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0032.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0034.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0036.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0035.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Senior Photography_0040.jpg

Las Vegas! Continuing Education [Clinton County Illinois Senior Photography]

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a workshop presented by some of the top educators and photographers in the senior photography industry, nationwide. And, on top of that, it was in Las Vegas. Now, not that I’m a huge fan of Vegas, but I am a huge fan of palm trees and warm sun in the midst of this crazy winter we’ve been having! Amy, our Creative Director, came along and we both learned so much! I can’t even begin to explain how this will change the senior experience at our studio, but I know it’s going to lead to amazing things. In the past, we’ve been known for creating unique images for seniors, as unique as they are. And, we’re about to take it up a notch. #gobigorgohome is what we live by here – I’m itching and ready for spring & summer to arrive so we can get to work! We’ve already had inquiries and bookings for May & June! If you want one of the prime spots (Saturdays or early summer before we hit the 100* temps), call early! 

Here are some iPhone shots from the trip! :)

And, some of my favorite images from the workshop! :)



AMBUSH Makeover Event [Clinton County, IL Photographer]

Right before Valentine’s Day, we were part of an AMBUSH Makover Event. It took place at Lillians of LebanonLillians of Lebanon and the hair and make-up portion of the makeover was created by Perfectly Polished SalonPerfectly Polished Salon. Three women were chosen out of the crowd to be “ambushed”. They were then whisked away to be made over! Wardrobe coordinators picked out a new outfit and Nicole and her crew went to work on hair, airbrush make-up and manicures. All while they were being pampered, out in the store we were having a party! Shopping, eating, drinking :) Allison from Perfectly Polished gave a tutorial on how to create a better smokey eye and we gave a short lesson on how to take a better selfie and how to pose with your hubby/boyfriend or girlfriends :) I think everyone got a big kick out of some of my tips, including please refrain from bathroom selfies and find yourself a window for the prettiest lighting :) PLUS, anyone who attended could have their headshot taken with our fashion lighting and Valentine’s themed backdrop. When it was time for the big reveal, the “ambushed” ladies all came out one at a time and finally got to look in the mirror – Seeing their response was awesome! Then, they got professional headshots from us! :) It was a blast by all (and of course I picked up some new items while I was there, I mean let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to resist!). If you haven’t been there yet, definitely try it out – they have super cute and unique stuff! Plus, the staff is really helpful!

Check out some images from the night :)


Hannah – 4 Days New. [Clinton County, IL Photographer]

Recently, sweet Hannah came in for her newborn portraits at just 4 days news. To say she gave me baby fever is an understatement! She was so sweet and slept practically the whole time – I may have gotten peed on a few times, but we all got a good laugh and some beautiful images, so I’d say it’s worth it. Moms know that’s pretty much the norm with a newborn baby! And, to top it off, mom and dad are huge Packers fans! Being a Packers fan myself (If any of you know my husband, you know he is THE Packers fan!), I was loving the cute tutu and GB headband! All together, I loved having Hannah in the studio and I’m so glad we captured some beautiful images!


Michael – Central High School [Clinton County, IL Photographer]

I’m so glad Michael to see us recently! He is a great kid and even though it was downright freezing, he braved the cold without complaining and we got some awesome outdoor images! I really love the yellow in his jacket, made for cool lines in his images! Thanks so much for coming to see us Michael!



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