Fall Specials [Southern Illinois Photographer]

Fall is such a great time for portraits! The colors, the weather, the adorable accessories like scarves and boots all mesh together to create gorgeous images! This year, we have two awesome specials for the fall season.

The first is a children’s session. This session will be outdoors and contain multiple set-ups. There will be tall grass, golden leaves, rustic barn wood, fall flowers, of course pumpkins and even a rope swing! The kids will have a great time going between sets, playing with the pumpkins and on the swing. They really will be classic fall portraits. The special is October 3rd & 4th and each client will receive a 30 minute appointment as well as 10 digital files on a CD. Further, you’ll also receive an online gallery to share those images with friends and family members! Appointments are required and they are filling up quickly so grab yours soon!

Hillary Frost Photography

And, if you want to do something with the entire family, we have that available, too! Like we mentioned above, fall is the best time for family portraits! Wether it’s to update that empty wall before relatives come over for the holidays or to get the perfect images to use for your holiday card or as gifts, now is the time to captures those images so they are ready in time!  Our Fall Family Special is October 10th & 11th. Each client will receive $50 off their session fee AND an additional $50 off any portrait package!

Hillary frost photography - family special

Mr. & Mrs. O’Rear [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

“They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love.”

I would bet this is true for Lindsay and Calvin. Spending time with them these past few months, I noticed they do a lot of laughing and a lot of smiling (and also a lot of dancing.. ;)). When he makes a joke or starts dancing and signing, she laughs… when she laughs, his smile grows and then they laugh together. Watching these two on their wedding day, it was clear that they adore each other. Their private, intimate ceremony was perfect on a gorgeous and cool overcast day. Truly, who gets married with a high of 78 in July?!

After the ceremony, they walked down to the patio at the winery to listen to the Beaucoup Bottom Band. This is where they danced their “Unofficial First Dance” in front of a small group of family, friends and strangers who all clapped wildly when it was over.

There were so many little moments throughout this day that simply warmed my heart. I wish these two nothing but the best.

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs O’Rear!

Hillary Frost Photography_1617

Hillary Frost Photography_1618

Hillary Frost Photography_1619

Hillary Frost Photography_1620

Hillary Frost Photography_1621

Hillary Frost Photography_1622

Hillary Frost Photography_1629

Hillary Frost Photography_1630

Hillary Frost Photography_1631

Hillary Frost Photography_1632

Hillary Frost Photography_1633

Hillary Frost Photography_1634

Hillary Frost Photography_1635

Hillary Frost Photography_1636

Hillary Frost Photography_1637

Hillary Frost Photography_1638

Hillary Frost Photography_1639

Hillary Frost Photography_1640

Hillary Frost Photography_1643

Hillary Frost Photography_1641

Hillary Frost Photography_1642

Hillary Frost Photography_1644

Hillary Frost Photography_1647

Hillary Frost Photography_1646

Hillary Frost Photography_1645

Hillary Frost Photography_1650

Hillary Frost Photography_1648

Hillary Frost Photography_1649

Hillary Frost Photography_1655

Hillary Frost Photography_1656

Hillary Frost Photography_1654


Hillary Frost Photography_1653

Hillary Frost Photography_1651

Hillary Frost Photography_1652

Hillary Frost Photography_1657

Hillary Frost Photography_1659

Hillary Frost Photography_1658


Hillary Frost Photography_1662

Hillary Frost Photography_1661 Hillary Frost Photography_1660

Hillary Frost Photography_1663

Hillary Frost Photography_1664

Hillary Frost Photography_1665

Hillary Frost Photography_1666

Hillary Frost Photography_1667

Hillary Frost Photography_1668

Hillary Frost Photography_1669

Hillary Frost Photography_1670

Hillary Frost Photography_1671


Mr. & Mrs. Rakers [St. Louis Wedding Photography]

Morgan and Alex, where do I even start? I could write an entire blog post about how incredibly beautiful, detailed and well-thought out your day was. I could go on for paragraphs about the sentiment, the true emotion, the happy tears – If I were to put into words how eloquent your day was, I might write much longer than you care to read ;). It was truly one of the most beautiful wedding days I ever had the pleasure of attending. From the detail in the dress, to the fresh red roses, the decor, the music…. everything we saw had the power to move you. By the end of the day, I felt like we were photographing a true princess’s wedding. And, after your father and brother’s speeches, it was evident, that you completely are their princess. The same goes for Alex – the way he smiled at you all day, it was clear he was riding cloud nine, so proud of his new wife. Every person in attendance could see the honest, easy love between the two of you. It was a true joyous occasion for all.


Hillary Frost Photography_1170

Hillary Frost Photography_1171

Hillary Frost Photography_1172

Hillary Frost Photography_1173

Hillary Frost Photography_1181

Hillary Frost Photography_1182

Hillary Frost Photography_1178

Hillary Frost Photography_1179

Hillary Frost Photography_1180

Hillary Frost Photography_1189

Hillary Frost Photography_1186

Hillary Frost Photography_1188

Hillary Frost Photography_1190

Hillary Frost Photography_1191

Hillary Frost Photography_1187

Hillary Frost Photography_1175

Hillary Frost Photography_1176

Hillary Frost Photography_1174

Hillary Frost Photography_1184

Hillary Frost Photography_1185

Hillary Frost Photography_1183

Hillary Frost Photography_1192

Hillary Frost Photography_1193

Hillary Frost Photography_1194

Hillary Frost Photography_1195

Hillary Frost Photography_1196

Hillary Frost Photography_1197

Hillary Frost Photography_1204

Hillary Frost Photography_1198

Hillary Frost Photography_1199

Hillary Frost Photography_1200

Hillary Frost Photography_1201

Hillary Frost Photography_1202

Hillary Frost Photography_1203

Hillary Frost Photography_1205

Hillary Frost Photography_1206

Hillary Frost Photography_1207

Hillary Frost Photography_1208

Hillary Frost Photography_1209

Hillary Frost Photography_1210

Hillary Frost Photography_1211

Hillary Frost Photography_1212

Hillary Frost Photography_1213

Hillary Frost Photography_1214

Hillary Frost Photography_1215

Hillary Frost Photography_1216

Hillary Frost Photography_1217

Hillary Frost Photography_1218

Hillary Frost Photography_1219

Hillary Frost Photography_1220

Hillary Frost Photography_1221

Hillary Frost Photography_1222

Hillary Frost Photography_1224

Hillary Frost Photography_1223

Hillary Frost Photography_1225

Hillary Frost Photography_1226

Hillary Frost Photography_1227

Hillary Frost Photography_1228

Hillary Frost Photography_1229

Hillary Frost Photography_1230

Hillary Frost Photography_1231

Hillary Frost Photography_1232

Hillary Frost Photography_1233

Hillary Frost Photography_1234

Hillary Frost Photography_1235

Hillary Frost Photography_1236

Hillary Frost Photography_1241

Hillary Frost Photography_1242

Hillary Frost Photography_1239

Hillary Frost Photography_1240

Hillary Frost Photography_1243

Hillary Frost Photography_1244

Hillary Frost Photography_1245

Hillary Frost Photography_1247


Venue : Renaissance Grand Hotel http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/stldt-renaissance-st-louis-grand-hotel/
Flowers : Ahner Florist http://www.ahnerflorist.com
Hair & Make-Up : Perfectly Polished Salon http://perfectlypolishedsalon.com
Somes images courtesy of Sheena Bowen and Amy Rehkemper

JENNA – Central High School [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer)

We had such a grea time with Jenna and her mom! They brought some great outfits and had a few ideas for awesome locations, too! We love it when client suggests something on their personal property, or a family property! Not only does it personalize the session even more, but we know it’s going to be a really cool, new place! And we’re always up for new locations! Jenna suggested her uncles barn and it was perfect! Throw in some wild flowers and a gorgeous headband and we created some beautiful images! You’re such a sweet girl Jenna – Best of luck on your senior year!

Hillary Frost Photography_0941.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0942.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0943.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0944.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0945.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0946.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0947.jpg

Dust Family [Southern Illinois Family Photographer)

Recently we got the chance to photograph the Dust family! We had such a great time roaming around at the park, picking flowers with Henry and playing peek-a-boo. When we photograph children or families, we are definitely on kiddo time, we want to give them a chance to warm up to us so we can get those genuine expressions and happy smiles! I’m so glad we were able to get those as well as some more simple, innocent angles as well. Thanks for such a great session! We hope you enjoy your new wall portraits in next home!

Hillary Frost Photography_0934.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0935.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0936.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0937.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0938.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0939.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0940.jpg

Ashley – Central High School [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer)

We had a great time photographing Ashley a few weeks ago! When just so happened to stumble across those blue crates that totally matched her outfit, I was completely excited! Even though the wind gave us some trouble that day, we handled it well! I loved all her outfit choices and I think the pink glitter backdrop might be out favorite! Thanks for such a great session, Ashley!
Hillary Frost Photography_0927.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0928.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0929.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0930.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0931.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0932.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0933.jpg

Blake – Mater Dei Catholic High School [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer)

When Blake’s mom called to set up his senior session, we just so happened to have a cancelation that Saturday! So, thankfully, we were able to get these guys in pretty quickly! The weather was great and Blake was a great sport, smiling when his mom and sister teased him and willing to do whatever pose I suggested, even if he thought it was odd ;) We photographed four outfits and were able to include some great props like his hunting gear and the family jeep! Thanks so much for a great session, Blake! Best of luck on your senior year!

Hillary Frost Photography_0920.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0921.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0922.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0923.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0924.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0925.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0926.jpg

HALEY – Central High School [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer]

We had such a grea time with Haley! She is such a sweetheart and has an amazing fashion sense! This girl brought the cutest outfits, I didn’t know where I wanted to start! I have to say, the red jumper was seriously one of my favorites. And Haley was so easy going, willing to try anything and even put up with my ridiculously bright reflector without complaint. I’m so excited to deliver her final images!

Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0040.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0041.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0042.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0043.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0044.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0045.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0046.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0047.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0048.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography - Souther Illinois Senior Pictures -_0049.jpg

ALEXIS – Central High School [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer]

Alexis’ day started out with a bit of a hiccup. The location she had chosen for her country style images wasn’t available any more. Although, it just took a few phone calls and viola! We had a location which turned out to be better than planned and I’m so glad that happened because we LOVED it! I knew her whole session was going to be amazing – She was actually a Junior ModelJunior Model of ours last year AND she helped us out by walking in the Aviston 150 Parade! :) She had it all from model style, to the beach, the barbed wire & hay bales on the farm, shopping and St. Louis! And, of course, we have to give a shout out to her mom, Michelle, for being such a trooper on a 90+ degree day, walking around StL shortly after knee surgery. Mom of the year, for sure :)

Alexis – You are such a gorgeous girl, inside and out! I’m so thankful to have been able to work with you!

Hillary Frost Photography_0823.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0824.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0825.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0826.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0827.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0828.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0829.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0830.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0831.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0832.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0833.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0834.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0835.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0836.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0837.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0838.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0839.jpg

Cassandra + Chandler Engaged! [Southern Illinois Wedding Photogapher]

A few weeks ago we set out to create some beautiful city inspired engagement portraits for Cassandra and Chandler. We honestly could not have gotten a more beatiful day, 75 and sunny with a slight breeze. We started in the CWE, strolling up and down the streets finding cute locations here and there. Then, we headed to Soulard for more fun, relaxed images. Cassandra is a big fan of older architecture so we tried to include interesting building and locations in their shoot, while still making it clearly about the two of them. Cassandra is so sweet and it’s easy to see that Chandler simply adores her. Our last stop of the day was a grassy area near Epic Pizza, so of course, we had to stop and sit outside for a slice. Perfect end to a great day!

Can’t wait for May 23, 2015! :):)

Hillary Frost Photography_0761.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0762.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0763.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0764.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0765.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0766.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0767.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0768.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0769.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0770.jpg


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