Mr & Mrs. Melanson [St. Louis Wedding Photographer]

Kayla and Adam are the type of couple whom upon meeting you instantly feel as if you’ve known them for years. They are fun loving, warm-hearted, goofy, sweet, genuine, wonderful and 10,000 other amazing adjectives. And that goes for their families, too. Mia and Matt, Kayla’s parents, made us feel like family from start to finish. When Kayla and Mia came in for a consultation, I was reminded how lucky I am to have a job where I meet such great people over and over. Truthfully, most grooms aren’t too pumped about engagement pictures. But, I’m pretty sure the moment we won over Adam was when I told him it was cool if he listened to the Kentucky game on his phone while photographing them at Bush Stadium. We did schedule the engagement session on a pretty big game day – whoops! And even though his team was on, his eyes were on Kayla the whole time. It’s easy to see how smitten he is with her and how much he truly cares about making sure she’s happy. And Kayla cares right back – So much so that their wedding colors were blue and white, UK colors.

The wedding day was beautiful. Kayla envisioned a winter wonderland and that is exactly what she got. The ceremony and ballroom looked like something out of a magazine or maybe even a fairly tale – it was perfect. The moment Adam saw Kayla coming down the isle was honestly pure joy – I turned for a moment to capture his face and couldn’t help but smile. It was impossible to be anything but happy in the presence of so much love. I even found myself tearing up a few times before it was all over! It was truly an incredible day with some of the sweetest people

Kayla and Adam, Thank you for letting us be a part of it all! I know Amy and I feel like we’ve gained two really great friends.You two have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you and I can only hope you will cherish these photographs for years to come.  Congratulations!!!!!!:)

Some images compliment of second shooters Amy Rehkemper and Jill Daugherty

Hillary Frost Photography_3596Hillary Frost Photography_3574Hillary Frost Photography_3575Hillary Frost Photography_3576Hillary Frost Photography_3577Hillary Frost Photography_3578Hillary Frost Photography_3579Hillary Frost Photography_3580Hillary Frost Photography_3581Hillary Frost Photography_3582Hillary Frost Photography_3583Hillary Frost Photography_3584Hillary Frost Photography_3585Hillary Frost Photography_3586Hillary Frost Photography_3587Hillary Frost Photography_3588Hillary Frost Photography_3589Hillary Frost Photography_3594Hillary Frost Photography_3595Hillary Frost Photography_3597Hillary Frost Photography_3598Hillary Frost Photography_3599Hillary Frost Photography_3600Hillary Frost Photography_3601Hillary Frost Photography_3602Hillary Frost Photography_3603Hillary Frost Photography_3604Hillary Frost Photography_3605Hillary Frost Photography_3606Hillary Frost Photography_3590Hillary Frost Photography_3591Hillary Frost Photography_3593Hillary Frost Photography_3592Hillary Frost Photography_3607Hillary Frost Photography_3608Hillary Frost Photography_3609Hillary Frost Photography_3610Hillary Frost Photography_3611Hillary Frost Photography_3612Hillary Frost Photography_3613Hillary Frost Photography_3614Hillary Frost Photography_3615Hillary Frost Photography_3616Hillary Frost Photography_3617Hillary Frost Photography_3618Hillary Frost Photography_3619Hillary Frost Photography_3620

Hillary Frost Photography_3663Hillary Frost Photography_3621Hillary Frost Photography_3622Hillary Frost Photography_3623Hillary Frost Photography_3624Hillary Frost Photography_3625Hillary Frost Photography_3626Hillary Frost Photography_3627Hillary Frost Photography_3628Hillary Frost Photography_3629Hillary Frost Photography_3630Hillary Frost Photography_3631Hillary Frost Photography_3632Hillary Frost Photography_3633Hillary Frost Photography_3634Hillary Frost Photography_3635Hillary Frost Photography_3636Hillary Frost Photography_3637Hillary Frost Photography_3638Hillary Frost Photography_3639Hillary Frost Photography_3640Hillary Frost Photography_3641

Hillary Frost Photography_3645Hillary Frost Photography_3642Hillary Frost Photography_3643Hillary Frost Photography_3644Hillary Frost Photography_3647Hillary Frost Photography_3648Hillary Frost Photography_3649Hillary Frost Photography_3658Hillary Frost Photography_3659Hillary Frost Photography_3660Hillary Frost Photography_3661Hillary Frost Photography_3662Hillary Frost Photography_3651Hillary Frost Photography_3652Hillary Frost Photography_3653Hillary Frost Photography_3654Hillary Frost Photography_3655Hillary Frost Photography_3656Hillary Frost Photography_3657

Hillary Frost Photography_3665Hillary Frost Photography_3666Hillary Frost Photography_3667Hillary Frost Photography_3668Hillary Frost Photography_3669Hillary Frost Photography_3670Hillary Frost Photography_3671Hillary Frost Photography_3672Hillary Frost Photography_3673

Hillary Frost Photography_3675Hillary Frost Photography_3674Hillary Frost Photography_3676Hillary Frost Photography_3677Hillary Frost Photography_3678Hillary Frost Photography_3679Hillary Frost Photography_3680Hillary Frost Photography_3681Hillary Frost Photography_3682Hillary Frost Photography_3683Hillary Frost Photography_3684Hillary Frost Photography_3650Hillary Frost Photography_3685Hillary Frost Photography_3686Hillary Frost Photography_3687Hillary Frost Photography_3688Hillary Frost Photography_3689Hillary Frost Photography_3690Hillary Frost Photography_3664

Mr & Mrs Bedard [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

Lisa called us early this year.. “Is there any possibility at all you have ANYTHING available in October of this year?”…. Usually we are booked a year (or sometimes more) in advance for October weddings. However, we just so happened to have one spot left. She came in right away and we got started planning. “I want an October wedding but I don’t want to wait a whole year to marry him!” I knew then that these two were in it for the long haul. Getting to know them over the last year has been nothing if not a joy for us. They truly compliment each other in every way. And not only that, but it’s easy to see that Chris adores Lisa. Anything she wanted, he was there to made sure it happened. Right down to building and staining the perfect color wood for their decorations. On the big day, while watching Lisa get dressed and ready, her sweet niece sat in the high chair just watching Lisa put on her princess dress. And of course, once they were all ready to go, grandpa made sure no ones dress, especially the sweet flower girl’s princess dress, ever hit the ground. We drove out to the location for their First Look and as Lisa and I waited for the groom to arrive, she told me about how he proposed and more about their life together. As she spoke, I could feel myself getting so nervous/excited for them! As we set up to photograph Chris seeing Lisa for the first time, you couldn’t wipe that smile off his face for anything. When she tapped his shoulder to turn around, he may have had the biggest, sweetest grin I’ve ever seen. The rest of the day went off without a hitch and to top it off, God closed out the day with the most perfect, gorgeous sunset ever – that’s not photoshop there!

They really are like two peas in a pod and I know they are going to have a lifetime of happiness together! We wish you guys nothing but the best and thank you for letting us be a small part of such a big day 🙂

Southern Illinois Wedding Photography Hillary Frost Photography_3034

Hillary Frost Photography_3035 Hillary Frost Photography_3036 Hillary Frost Photography_3047Hillary Frost Photography_3037Hillary Frost Photography_3038Hillary Frost Photography_3039Hillary Frost Photography_3040Hillary Frost Photography_3041Hillary Frost Photography_3042Hillary Frost Photography_3043Hillary Frost Photography_3044Hillary Frost Photography_3045Hillary Frost Photography_3050

Hillary Frost Photography_3048 Hillary Frost Photography_3049 Hillary Frost Photography_3072Hillary Frost Photography_3089 Hillary Frost Photography_3088

Hillary Frost Photography_3052

Hillary Frost Photography_3076 Hillary Frost Photography_3077 Hillary Frost Photography_3078 Hillary Frost Photography_3079 Hillary Frost Photography_3080 Hillary Frost Photography_3081 Hillary Frost Photography_3082 Hillary Frost Photography_3083 Hillary Frost Photography_3084 Hillary Frost Photography_3085 Hillary Frost Photography_3086 Hillary Frost Photography_3087
Hillary Frost Photography_3073 Hillary Frost Photography_3090

Hillary Frost Photography_3091 Hillary Frost Photography_3094 Hillary Frost Photography_3093 Hillary Frost Photography_3092 Hillary Frost Photography_3095 Hillary Frost Photography_3075 Hillary Frost Photography_3096Hillary Frost Photography_3051Hillary Frost Photography_3097Hillary Frost Photography_3098 Hillary Frost Photography_3099 Hillary Frost Photography_3100 Hillary Frost Photography_3101 Hillary Frost Photography_3102 Hillary Frost Photography_3103 Hillary Frost Photography_3104 Hillary Frost Photography_3105 Hillary Frost Photography_3106 Hillary Frost Photography_3107 Hillary Frost Photography_3108 Hillary Frost Photography_3053 Hillary Frost Photography_3054 Hillary Frost Photography_3055 Hillary Frost Photography_3056 Hillary Frost Photography_3057 Hillary Frost Photography_3058Hillary Frost Photography_3060 Hillary Frost Photography_3059Hillary Frost Photography_3110 Hillary Frost Photography_3109Hillary Frost Photography_3061 Hillary Frost Photography_3062 Hillary Frost Photography_3063 Hillary Frost Photography_3112Hillary Frost Photography_3064 Hillary Frost Photography_3065 Hillary Frost Photography_3066 Hillary Frost Photography_3067 Hillary Frost Photography_3068 Hillary Frost Photography_3111 Hillary Frost Photography_3069 Hillary Frost Photography_3070 Hillary Frost Photography_3113 Hillary Frost Photography_3071 Hillary Frost Photography_3114

Campfire Concept [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer]

Each year we design a concept shoot that is completely unique and fun! This year, the concept shoot was driven by the winners from our #hfinstahunt back in June. These three won our scavenger hunt and right away we started planning something incredible for them! They gave us their input on what they liked, didn’t like and how they wanted it to look and we took it from there! I think this concept was perfect for them! And, let’s just say we all had a blast shooting it, even the moms were in laughing fits!

Thank you so much for being a part of this!

Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography_2988 Hillary Frost Photography_2989 Hillary Frost Photography_2990 Hillary Frost Photography_2991 Hillary Frost Photography_2992 Hillary Frost Photography_2993 Hillary Frost Photography_2994 Hillary Frost Photography_2995 Hillary Frost Photography_2996 Hillary Frost Photography_2997 Hillary Frost Photography_2998 Hillary Frost Photography_2999 Hillary Frost Photography_3000 Hillary Frost Photography_3001 Hillary Frost Photography_3002 Hillary Frost Photography_3003 Hillary Frost Photography_3004 Hillary Frost Photography_3005 Hillary Frost Photography_3006 Hillary Frost Photography_3007 Hillary Frost Photography_3008 Hillary Frost Photography_3009 Hillary Frost Photography_3010 Hillary Frost Photography_3011 Hillary Frost Photography_3013 Hillary Frost Photography_3014 Hillary Frost Photography_3015 Hillary Frost Photography_3016 Hillary Frost Photography_3017 Hillary Frost Photography_3018 Hillary Frost Photography_3019 Hillary Frost Photography_3020

Thank you so much to these three gorgeous girl who made this shoot not only possible but so much FUN!!!!

Hillary Frost Photography_3021 Hillary Frost Photography_3022

Mr & Mrs Williams [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

I don’t know how we get so lucky, but we have the absolute BEST clients! Cassandra and Chandler are as sweet as they come – he makes her laugh and it’s easy to see he would give the moon if he could. They fit so easily together, genuine and comfortable in every sense. These two have grown together over the years into the best of friends, all preparing for the day they would promise their forevers. It was an absolute joy to be a small part of their big, gorgeous day! It’s no secret that our process for wedding clients is a detailed one from dinner and drinks to engagement pictures and planning/scouting meetings – We always get a little sad when it’s all over because over the past year and a half we’ve really enjoyed spending time together and gotten to know them as friends! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this sweet couple that has made my job so enjoyable 🙂
Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Williams!!

On a personal note, I have to give a BIG thanks to my team that day – Amy Rehkemper and Jill Daughtery. I was 38 1/2 weeks pregnant photographing this day and with your help we were able to create something so beautiful for a very well-deserving couple 🙂

Some Images Compliments of Jill Daughetry and Amy Rehkemper.

Hillary Frost Photography_2492Hillary Frost Photography_2493Hillary Frost Photography_2494Hillary Frost Photography_2498Hillary Frost Photography_2495Hillary Frost Photography_2496Hillary Frost Photography_2497Hillary Frost Photography_2499Hillary Frost Photography_2483Hillary Frost Photography_2484Hillary Frost Photography_2485Hillary Frost Photography_2486Hillary Frost Photography_2488Hillary Frost Photography_2489Hillary Frost Photography_2491Hillary Frost Photography_2490Hillary Frost Photography_2487Hillary Frost Photography_2500Hillary Frost Photography_2480Hillary Frost Photography_2502Hillary Frost Photography_2503Hillary Frost Photography_2504Hillary Frost Photography_2505Hillary Frost Photography_2525Hillary Frost Photography_2526Hillary Frost Photography_2506Hillary Frost Photography_2507Hillary Frost Photography_2508Hillary Frost Photography_2509Hillary Frost Photography_2510Hillary Frost Photography_2527Hillary Frost Photography_2515Hillary Frost Photography_2478 Hillary Frost Photography_2479   Hillary Frost Photography_2482                              Hillary Frost Photography_2512 Hillary Frost Photography_2513   Hillary Frost Photography_2517Hillary Frost Photography_2481Hillary Frost Photography_2516  Hillary Frost Photography_2518 Hillary Frost Photography_2519 Hillary Frost Photography_2529Hillary Frost Photography_2530Hillary Frost Photography_2520 Hillary Frost Photography_2521 Hillary Frost Photography_2533Hillary Frost Photography_2522Hillary Frost Photography_2532 Hillary Frost Photography_2523 Hillary Frost Photography_2534Hillary Frost Photography_2524       Hillary Frost Photography_2535Hillary Frost Photography_2536Hillary Frost Photography_2537Hillary Frost Photography_2531


SO AMAZING! We were incredibly blessed with year with a great group of girls (And their parents!!!) to make this such a fun event! As usual, the vendors we worked with all knocked it out of the park! Thank you to Perfectly Polished Salon for the awesome hair and make-up! All the girls looked flawless and it all held up perfectly all day! Also, thank you to Lucas Richter and Free Cake Film Co! The Highlight Video from the shoot day was everything we hoped it would be and more!

To view a live link of the magazine and see ALL the images, check it out here.

AND… To see the INCREDIBLE video… Check it out here!

A few of our favorites from the day…

Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography Hillary Frost Photography


It’s HERE! It’s time for our annual Senior Open House! Each year we host an Open House event to welcome the next senior class into our studio. It’s your chance to meet the team, tour the studio, get an exclusive peek at our Senior Magazine (Which is HUGE this year!!!) and more! Also, this is your ONE CHANCE to receive our best senior deals of 2015-2016. The Supermodel, the City, The Elite & The Essential Experiences will all qualify for HUGE savings, for THREE HOURS ONLY!

May 6th from 5pm – 8pm at our studio!

Stop in with mom and/or dad to sign up for your session and receive these great deals!

PLUS… The first 20 upcoming senior girls will receive a jam-packed swag bag with items inside including a copy of the exclusive (AND HUGE) HF Senior Experience Magazine and items from Lilians, Brili Boutique, Perfectly Polished, Girls’ Night Out, The Nu Image Salon & POSH Boutique, and more!

Watch mini make-up tutorials by the talented stylist from Perfectly Polished!
See the latest trends and listen to fashion tips from the owner of Brili Boutique!

Of course, not to mention the many giveaways! You don’t want to miss out on this event!!!

See you May 6th!

Open House Add

Mr & Mrs Kimmle [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

We were so happy to spend the day with Katie and Chad and their families last weekend! Aside from being just a little chilly, the weather was absolutely beautiful! We loved the detail in their flowers and the colors all made everything feel so light and definitely got us in the mood for spring!

Katie and Chad are so easy going and their wedding party was a blast! Ashley, her maid of honor, made us all laugh during her speech and it was easy to see those girls had a great time singing and dancing with the band at the reception!

Katie and Chad – We are so happy for you! Congratulations!! :):):)

Hillary Frost Photography_2332 Hillary Frost Photography_2333 Hillary Frost Photography_2334 Hillary Frost Photography_2335 Hillary Frost Photography_2336 Hillary Frost Photography_2337 Hillary Frost Photography_2338 Hillary Frost Photography_2339 Hillary Frost Photography_2340 Hillary Frost Photography_2341 Hillary Frost Photography_2342 Hillary Frost Photography_2343 Hillary Frost Photography_2344 Hillary Frost Photography_2347 Hillary Frost Photography_2348 Hillary Frost Photography_2349 Hillary Frost Photography_2350 Hillary Frost Photography_2351 Hillary Frost Photography_2352 Hillary Frost Photography_2353 Hillary Frost Photography_2354 Hillary Frost Photography_2355 Hillary Frost Photography_2356 Hillary Frost Photography_2357 Hillary Frost Photography_2358 Hillary Frost Photography_2359 Hillary Frost Photography_2360 Hillary Frost Photography_2361 Hillary Frost Photography_2362 Hillary Frost Photography_2363 Hillary Frost Photography_2364 Hillary Frost Photography_2365 Hillary Frost Photography_2366 Hillary Frost Photography_2367 Hillary Frost Photography_2368 Hillary Frost Photography_2369 Hillary Frost Photography_2370 Hillary Frost Photography_2371 Hillary Frost Photography_2372 Hillary Frost Photography_2373 Hillary Frost Photography_2374 Hillary Frost Photography_2375 Hillary Frost Photography_2376 Hillary Frost Photography_2378 Hillary Frost Photography_2379 Hillary Frost Photography_2380 Hillary Frost Photography_2381 Hillary Frost Photography_2382 Hillary Frost Photography_2383 Hillary Frost Photography_2384 Hillary Frost Photography_2385 Hillary Frost Photography_2386 Hillary Frost Photography_2387 Hillary Frost Photography_2388 Hillary Frost Photography_2389 Hillary Frost Photography_2390

Mr. & Mrs. Habbe [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

When I first met Nicole she told us what a romantic day she had envisioned for her and Ryan’s wedding, on Valentine’s Day no less. When she was done describing her ideas, I knew it was going to be gorgeous – and it was. Despite the chilling winter temperatures, their day was filled with so much magic. From start to finish it was beautiful, including a dusting of gorgeous huge snowflakes. It was truly incredible.

As we were taking quick photographs outdoors, we kept telling them to imagine they were on a beach in Hawaii, their honeymoon location – It must have worked because Nicole was an amazing trooper, looking gorgeous and perfect, unlike myself who went home with legitimate windburn on my face. Ah well, the images are what matter, the story is what matters and the fact that it is told as beautifully as it really that day are all that matter in the end.

As the bride and groom return home from Hawaii today, (Nothing like being welcomed back to the midwest with a forecasted 5-8 inches of snow!)  we want to wish them all the best and say Congratulations!!!!
Welcome Home, Mr & Mrs Habbe!

Somes Images Compliments of 2nd shooters : Jill Daughtry and Amy Rehkemper.
Hair and Make-Up : Perfectly Polished Salon

Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer

Hillary Frost Photography_2190 Hillary Frost Photography_2191 Hillary Frost Photography_2192 Hillary Frost Photography_2193 Hillary Frost Photography_2194 Hillary Frost Photography_2195 Hillary Frost Photography_2196 Hillary Frost Photography_2197 Hillary Frost Photography_2198 Hillary Frost Photography_2199 Hillary Frost Photography_2201Hillary Frost Photography_2200  Hillary Frost Photography_2202 Hillary Frost Photography_2203 Hillary Frost Photography_2204 Hillary Frost Photography_2205 Hillary Frost Photography_2206 Hillary Frost Photography_2207 Hillary Frost Photography_2208 Hillary Frost Photography_2209 Hillary Frost Photography_2210 Hillary Frost Photography_2211 Hillary Frost Photography_2212 Hillary Frost Photography_2213 Hillary Frost Photography_2214 Hillary Frost Photography_2215 Hillary Frost Photography_2216 Hillary Frost Photography_2217 Hillary Frost Photography_2218 Hillary Frost Photography_2219 Hillary Frost Photography_2220 Hillary Frost Photography_2221 Hillary Frost Photography_2222 Hillary Frost Photography_2223 Hillary Frost Photography_2224 Hillary Frost Photography_2225 Hillary Frost Photography_2226 Hillary Frost Photography_2227 Hillary Frost Photography_2228 Hillary Frost Photography_2229 Hillary Frost Photography_2230 Hillary Frost Photography_2231 Hillary Frost Photography_2232 Hillary Frost Photography_2233 Hillary Frost Photography_2234 Hillary Frost Photography_2235 Hillary Frost Photography_2236 Hillary Frost Photography_2237 Hillary Frost Photography_2238 Hillary Frost Photography_2239 Hillary Frost Photography_2240 Hillary Frost Photography_2241 Hillary Frost Photography_2242 Hillary Frost Photography_2243 Hillary Frost Photography_2244 Hillary Frost Photography_2245 Hillary Frost Photography_2246 Hillary Frost Photography_2247 Hillary Frost Photography_2248 Hillary Frost Photography_2249 Hillary Frost Photography_2250 Hillary Frost Photography_2251 Hillary Frost Photography_2252 Hillary Frost Photography_2253 Hillary Frost Photography_2254 Hillary Frost Photography_2255 Hillary Frost Photography_2256 Hillary Frost Photography_2257 Hillary Frost Photography_2258

Children’s Modeling Sessions

Interested in our Children’s Modeling Sessions?

To back up a little, here is the deal…
We are contacted quite frequently for children’s sessions, however, up until now, we didn’t always have the required time in our schedules that we believe they deserve. And, we most definitely did not want to produce an inferior product. However, recently we expanded our staff and our shooting area! We added new chairs, stools, props, backdrops and so much more! We are beyond excited and we finally feel like we can create a completely unique and incredible service for children’s portraits that reach our high standards.

We are just missing one thing… IMAGES! We have so many new items that we are dying to photograph! We want to showcase our work and show everyone the unique possibilities we now offer!

That being said, we created a Children’s Modeling Call. We are looking for 15 children, ages 6 months to 6 years to be photographed. There is no session fee for these appointments, which is a savings of a minimum of $85! Then, after your appointment, you will have the option to purchase any of your images at a 30% discount!

There are a few requirements for these sessions…
1 – Parent must sign a model release. This means that the studio can utilize the images in sample products, our website, blog, social media, etc.

2 – You must choose a date based on the list of available options.

3 – There is a $50 deposit. This deposit is to ensure your space on our calendar and solidify you as one of the clients who receives this unique discount. After your session, the $50 is applied to your account as a credit towards your portraits.

If you are interested in booking any of these children’s appointments, be sure to contact us soon as we know they will go quickly!

To book, you can…

1 – Call the studio (618)407-4363

2 – Email us at

We can’t wait to get this is started!!!

Hillary Frost Photography, Children's Photography

Ryan & Nicole [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

To say that we are a little obsessed with Ryan and Nicole’s engagement pictures is an understatement. Each outfit was perfectly paired with the appropriate location. Although we were not able to get as much time inside the library as we wanted, it made for an even better opportunity with the outside architecture and which made for some of our favorite images. We can’t wait to be there when they say I do in less than two months! See you soon!

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1278

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1279

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1277

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1276

Hillary Frost Photography

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1275

Hillary Frost Photography

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1273

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1274

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_1281