Mackenzie – Central High School – Clinton County Senior Photographer

Oh. My. Gorgeous. <— That pretty  much sums up how I feel about Ms. Mackenzie. She’s a dedicated cheerleader, an incredible artist and she has the most beautiful personality! I absolutely loved working with her and her mom, Paula. We had a great time talking about what sort of images Mackenzie wanted, and designing a shoot around exactly that!

Mackenzie loves to paint, draw and read, so we created a concept shoot with that! Concept shoots require lots of planning and are highly stylized with props and outfit details! Think of a production for a magazine add and that’s what our concept shoots are like! We absolutely LOVED the way Mackenzie’s turned out and I can’t wait to show her the rest!

Mackenzie and Paula – I had such a wonderful time working with you both! Mackenzie, you are such a bright, talented girl and I know you’re going to do big things in the future!
I can’t wait to show you everything next week!



The Concept Shoot


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