Emily – Highland High School [Southern Illinois Senior Photography]

Emily is a senior at Highland High School, graudating in just a few weeks! I am so glad she chose to work with us just before graduation! She chose our City Experience package, so we got to photograph her at some pretty unique places! Including Washington University, where she plans to attend school later this fall! A few locations later, we we couldn’t resisit photographing her near some GOREGOUS colorful tulips. That didn’t last long before the security gaurd came over and threatened to call 911 on me for being near his flowers. Whoops! I have to say, the images were totally worth it!!

Emily, you are such a bright, sweet girl and I’m so happy I got the chance to get to know you. I can tell just from these short encounters that you are going to be highly succesful in college and we wish you the best of luck next year at Wash U!

Hillary Frost Photography_0432.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0433.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0434.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0435.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0436.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0437.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0438.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0439.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0440.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0441.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0442.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0443.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0444.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0445.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0446.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0447.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0448.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0449.jpg

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