Alex – Wesclin High School Senior [Southern Illinois Senior Photography]

I am so beyond glad I was able to work with Tracey and Alex. Alex had a gift voucher and he really wanted some cool basketball pictures in Wesclin’s gym not only because he has a passion for the game, but because that gym is a special place now that the High School is moving. I really wanted to create some epic shots for Alex, especially after his mom told me how he overcame some massive roadblocks to be able to play at all his senior year.

Alex – you are one of the most laid-back and sweetest guys we’ve worked with this year. Just talking with your mom I can hear what a wondrful support system you have at home and what a strong guy you are – We wish you nothing but huge success at college!

Hillary Frost Photography_0476.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0477.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0478.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0479.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0480.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0481.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0482.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0484.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0483.jpg

One Comment on “Alex – Wesclin High School Senior [Southern Illinois Senior Photography]

  1. Hillary you are an incredibly gifted photographer! You did an amazing job with Alex’s pictures and you made it a lot of fun for both of us! Thank you so much!! I wish you much success…you deserve it!!

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