Bobbi & John – Engagement Session [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

For Bobbi & John’s session, we wanted to do something really special – We took them out to dinner at 52nd Street Bar & Grill, where we got to know them a lot better! After talking for a while, we learned that John loved to ride motorcyles and Bobbi loved going to Old Town St. Charles. So, we decided to combine the two ideas and I really think the session was exactly perfect for them! We spent the morning finiding places that fit with the biker vibe and then we headed to St. Charles. We spent the afternoon having lunch together and strolling the old streets finding unique places and checking out the cute shops! I had never been there before so it was definitely a fun experience for all involved!

At their ordering appointment, they choose a 3 images metal wall cluster. I think that was the PERFECT choice for their images. They colors are going to be amazing and it totally fit their theme! Can’t wait to get them in!

Hillary Frost Photography_0595.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0596.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0597.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0598.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0599.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0600.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0601.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0602.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0603.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0604.jpg

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