Katie & Chad – Engagements [Southern Illinois Wedding Photography]

When we first met Katie and Chad, it was at the Mexico on Main in Trenton (they do have the BEST margaritas!). We sat and talked about what their wedding was going to be like, what they had planned already and what they envisioned for their pictures! After the tacos and unlimited chips and queso were gone, we had a plan. We decided to go for a more rustic shoot, complete with the perfect red barn. It was gorgeous! The day of the shoot was incredible weather! White pillowy clouds, sunshine, light breeze… perfect! The first location was like a photographers dream – rustic barns, wodden swings, piles of logs, rows of gardens, hay lofts, metallic buildings, stone paths…just the most amazing little spots around every corner! Not to mention, Amy made a friend with their pet racoons – Lets just say I was less excited than her, but they were cute nonetheless đŸ˜‰ AIl together, it was a beautiful day!

Hillary Frost Photography_0624.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0625.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0626.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0627.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0628.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0629.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0630.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0631.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0632.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0633.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0634.jpg

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