Andrea + Ashley Engagement [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

When Andrea and Ashley came in to see us, they weren’t sure which photographer, if any, they were going to have. After what I thought was a great meeting, I was crossing my fingers and toes we’d hear back from them. When we had an email the next morning asking to secure the date, I was thrilled! We decided to have dinner and drinks at Bella Milano and it was there was Andrea let us in on her idea for their engagement images. She wanted to tell their story. Amy and I were hooked – We LOVED IT! She told us how they met (at 54th St. Bar & Grill), how they have a mutal affection for the St. Louis Cardinals (don’t we all?;)), and even how he proposed using a holiday ornament handwritten with, “Andrea, will you marry me? Love, Ashley”. Of course, she agreed and the rest is history. After the proposal, they went to Subzero Vodka Bar in the Central West End where she appropriately ordered “The Bling Bling” Drink. As Andrea told me their story, I wrote note after note of how we could capture this story for them. After all, this story is the fondation for their future, we wanted to do it all the justice it deserved. We planned it out perfectly and the day was beautiful. From 54th St (where the staff and even a few patrons congratulated them and wished them luck), to Ashley’s office building where they meet frequently to walk to Cardinal’s games and other events downtown, to the Stadium & Ballpark Village and finally to Subzero Vodka Bar to sit at the exact table they did that night. It was perfect – I’m so thankful to have heard this story and even more thankful to be able to tell it for future generations to enjoy.

Hillary Frost Photography_0716.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0717.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0718.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0719.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0720.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0721.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0722.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0723.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0724.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0725.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0726.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0727.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0728.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0729.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0733.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0730.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0731.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0732.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0734.jpg

2 Comments on “Andrea + Ashley Engagement [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

  1. Thanks for sharing the story and pics of Andrea and Ash! It brought tears to my eyes (in a good way). You were able to capture pure joy between the two of them. Can’t wait for the wedding.

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