Cassandra + Chandler Engaged! [Southern Illinois Wedding Photogapher]

A few weeks ago we set out to create some beautiful city inspired engagement portraits for Cassandra and Chandler. We honestly could not have gotten a more beatiful day, 75 and sunny with a slight breeze. We started in the CWE, strolling up and down the streets finding cute locations here and there. Then, we headed to Soulard for more fun, relaxed images. Cassandra is a big fan of older architecture so we tried to include interesting building and locations in their shoot, while still making it clearly about the two of them. Cassandra is so sweet and it’s easy to see that Chandler simply adores her. Our last stop of the day was a grassy area near Epic Pizza, so of course, we had to stop and sit outside for a slice. Perfect end to a great day!

Can’t wait for May 23, 2015! :):)

Hillary Frost Photography_0761.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0762.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0763.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0764.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0765.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0766.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0767.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0768.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0769.jpg
Hillary Frost Photography_0770.jpg

One Comment on “Cassandra + Chandler Engaged! [Southern Illinois Wedding Photogapher]

  1. Hillary – these pictures are amazing!! I am so glad Cassandra and Chandler have you taking their photos – these make me so excited for the wedding. You are an amazing photographer!

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