JULIE: Salem High School [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer]

You may recognize this gorgeous girl from an earlier post this summer. Julie’s Supermodel Session was featured in a leading photography blog, Senior Style Guide. We had an early start at 7 am but it was so worth it! While inside the stadium we were all taken by surprise when none other than YADIER MOLINA nonchalantly jogged by. None of us were paying any attention to the joggers until Amy began muttering and pointing. Finally, we looked at the joggers and couldn’t believe it! We probably looked ridiculous to anyone else watching but we were all so excited! After the stadium Julie changed into her gorgeous (and rather large) pink dress. We got plenty of confused looks walking down the sidewalk and Julie even got a few compliments from a the ladies admiring her dress! The strong gusts of wind made for a struggle at times and eventually we lost our balloons but luckily we had all the shots we needed! Julie’s session was an all day affair and we couldn’t have asked for better results! Everything was perfect down to the the picturesque sunset. Thank you so much Julie for trusting our crazy ideas and being so sweet!

Hillary Frost Photography IMG_4654 IMG_4682 IMG_4761 IMG_4778 IMG_4785 IMG_4824 IMG_4900 IMG_4969 IMG_5047 IMG_5180 IMG_5231 IMG_5256 IMG_5366 IMG_5369 IMG_5381 IMG_5415 IMG_5422 IMG_5448 IMG_5475 IMG_5529 IMG_5545 IMG_5612

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