Children’s Modeling Sessions

Interested in our Children’s Modeling Sessions?

To back up a little, here is the deal…
We are contacted quite frequently for children’s sessions, however, up until now, we didn’t always have the required time in our schedules that we believe they deserve. And, we most definitely did not want to produce an inferior product. However, recently we expanded our staff and our shooting area! We added new chairs, stools, props, backdrops and so much more! We are beyond excited and we finally feel like we can create a completely unique and incredible service for children’s portraits that reach our high standards.

We are just missing one thing… IMAGES! We have so many new items that we are dying to photograph! We want to showcase our work and show everyone the unique possibilities we now offer!

That being said, we created a Children’s Modeling Call. We are looking for 15 children, ages 6 months to 6 years to be photographed. There is no session fee for these appointments, which is a savings of a minimum of $85! Then, after your appointment, you will have the option to purchase any of your images at a 30% discount!

There are a few requirements for these sessions…
1 – Parent must sign a model release. This means that the studio can utilize the images in sample products, our website, blog, social media, etc.

2 – You must choose a date based on the list of available options.

3 – There is a $50 deposit. This deposit is to ensure your space on our calendar and solidify you as one of the clients who receives this unique discount. After your session, the $50 is applied to your account as a credit towards your portraits.

If you are interested in booking any of these children’s appointments, be sure to contact us soon as we know they will go quickly!

To book, you can…

1 – Call the studio (618)407-4363

2 – Email us at

We can’t wait to get this is started!!!

Hillary Frost Photography, Children's Photography

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