Mr & Mrs Bedard [Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer]

Lisa called us early this year.. “Is there any possibility at all you have ANYTHING available in October of this year?”…. Usually we are booked a year (or sometimes more) in advance for October weddings. However, we just so happened to have one spot left. She came in right away and we got started planning. “I want an October wedding but I don’t want to wait a whole year to marry him!” I knew then that these two were in it for the long haul. Getting to know them over the last year has been nothing if not a joy for us. They truly compliment each other in every way. And not only that, but it’s easy to see that Chris adores Lisa. Anything she wanted, he was there to made sure it happened. Right down to building and staining the perfect color wood for their decorations. On the big day, while watching Lisa get dressed and ready, her sweet niece sat in the high chair just watching Lisa put on her princess dress. And of course, once they were all ready to go, grandpa made sure no ones dress, especially the sweet flower girl’s princess dress, ever hit the ground. We drove out to the location for their First Look and as Lisa and I waited for the groom to arrive, she told me about how he proposed and more about their life together. As she spoke, I could feel myself getting so nervous/excited for them! As we set up to photograph Chris seeing Lisa for the first time, you couldn’t wipe that smile off his face for anything. When she tapped his shoulder to turn around, he may have had the biggest, sweetest grin I’ve ever seen. The rest of the day went off without a hitch and to top it off, God closed out the day with the most perfect, gorgeous sunset ever – that’s not photoshop there!

They really are like two peas in a pod and I know they are going to have a lifetime of happiness together! We wish you guys nothing but the best and thank you for letting us be a small part of such a big day 🙂

Southern Illinois Wedding Photography Hillary Frost Photography_3034

Hillary Frost Photography_3035 Hillary Frost Photography_3036 Hillary Frost Photography_3047Hillary Frost Photography_3037Hillary Frost Photography_3038Hillary Frost Photography_3039Hillary Frost Photography_3040Hillary Frost Photography_3041Hillary Frost Photography_3042Hillary Frost Photography_3043Hillary Frost Photography_3044Hillary Frost Photography_3045Hillary Frost Photography_3050

Hillary Frost Photography_3048 Hillary Frost Photography_3049 Hillary Frost Photography_3072Hillary Frost Photography_3089 Hillary Frost Photography_3088

Hillary Frost Photography_3052

Hillary Frost Photography_3076 Hillary Frost Photography_3077 Hillary Frost Photography_3078 Hillary Frost Photography_3079 Hillary Frost Photography_3080 Hillary Frost Photography_3081 Hillary Frost Photography_3082 Hillary Frost Photography_3083 Hillary Frost Photography_3084 Hillary Frost Photography_3085 Hillary Frost Photography_3086 Hillary Frost Photography_3087
Hillary Frost Photography_3073 Hillary Frost Photography_3090

Hillary Frost Photography_3091 Hillary Frost Photography_3094 Hillary Frost Photography_3093 Hillary Frost Photography_3092 Hillary Frost Photography_3095 Hillary Frost Photography_3075 Hillary Frost Photography_3096Hillary Frost Photography_3051Hillary Frost Photography_3097Hillary Frost Photography_3098 Hillary Frost Photography_3099 Hillary Frost Photography_3100 Hillary Frost Photography_3101 Hillary Frost Photography_3102 Hillary Frost Photography_3103 Hillary Frost Photography_3104 Hillary Frost Photography_3105 Hillary Frost Photography_3106 Hillary Frost Photography_3107 Hillary Frost Photography_3108 Hillary Frost Photography_3053 Hillary Frost Photography_3054 Hillary Frost Photography_3055 Hillary Frost Photography_3056 Hillary Frost Photography_3057 Hillary Frost Photography_3058Hillary Frost Photography_3060 Hillary Frost Photography_3059Hillary Frost Photography_3110 Hillary Frost Photography_3109Hillary Frost Photography_3061 Hillary Frost Photography_3062 Hillary Frost Photography_3063 Hillary Frost Photography_3112Hillary Frost Photography_3064 Hillary Frost Photography_3065 Hillary Frost Photography_3066 Hillary Frost Photography_3067 Hillary Frost Photography_3068 Hillary Frost Photography_3111 Hillary Frost Photography_3069 Hillary Frost Photography_3070 Hillary Frost Photography_3113 Hillary Frost Photography_3071 Hillary Frost Photography_3114

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