Mr & Mrs. Melanson [St. Louis Wedding Photographer]

Kayla and Adam are the type of couple whom upon meeting you instantly feel as if you’ve known them for years. They are fun loving, warm-hearted, goofy, sweet, genuine, wonderful and 10,000 other amazing adjectives. And that goes for their families, too. Mia and Matt, Kayla’s parents, made us feel like family from start to finish. When Kayla and Mia came in for a consultation, I was reminded how lucky I am to have a job where I meet such great people over and over. Truthfully, most grooms aren’t too pumped about engagement pictures. But, I’m pretty sure the moment we won over Adam was when I told him it was cool if he listened to the Kentucky game on his phone while photographing them at Bush Stadium. We did schedule the engagement session on a pretty big game day – whoops! And even though his team was on, his eyes were on Kayla the whole time. It’s easy to see how smitten he is with her and how much he truly cares about making sure she’s happy. And Kayla cares right back – So much so that their wedding colors were blue and white, UK colors.

The wedding day was beautiful. Kayla envisioned a winter wonderland and that is exactly what she got. The ceremony and ballroom looked like something out of a magazine or maybe even a fairly tale – it was perfect. The moment Adam saw Kayla coming down the isle was honestly pure joy – I turned for a moment to capture his face and couldn’t help but smile. It was impossible to be anything but happy in the presence of so much love. I even found myself tearing up a few times before it was all over! It was truly an incredible day with some of the sweetest people

Kayla and Adam, Thank you for letting us be a part of it all! I know Amy and I feel like we’ve gained two really great friends.You two have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you and I can only hope you will cherish these photographs for years to come.  Congratulations!!!!!!:)

Some images compliment of second shooters Amy Rehkemper and Jill Daugherty

Hillary Frost Photography_3596Hillary Frost Photography_3574Hillary Frost Photography_3575Hillary Frost Photography_3576Hillary Frost Photography_3577Hillary Frost Photography_3578Hillary Frost Photography_3579Hillary Frost Photography_3580Hillary Frost Photography_3581Hillary Frost Photography_3582Hillary Frost Photography_3583Hillary Frost Photography_3584Hillary Frost Photography_3585Hillary Frost Photography_3586Hillary Frost Photography_3587Hillary Frost Photography_3588Hillary Frost Photography_3589Hillary Frost Photography_3594Hillary Frost Photography_3595Hillary Frost Photography_3597Hillary Frost Photography_3598Hillary Frost Photography_3599Hillary Frost Photography_3600Hillary Frost Photography_3601Hillary Frost Photography_3602Hillary Frost Photography_3603Hillary Frost Photography_3604Hillary Frost Photography_3605Hillary Frost Photography_3606Hillary Frost Photography_3590Hillary Frost Photography_3591Hillary Frost Photography_3593Hillary Frost Photography_3592Hillary Frost Photography_3607Hillary Frost Photography_3608Hillary Frost Photography_3609Hillary Frost Photography_3610Hillary Frost Photography_3611Hillary Frost Photography_3612Hillary Frost Photography_3613Hillary Frost Photography_3614Hillary Frost Photography_3615Hillary Frost Photography_3616Hillary Frost Photography_3617Hillary Frost Photography_3618Hillary Frost Photography_3619Hillary Frost Photography_3620

Hillary Frost Photography_3663Hillary Frost Photography_3621Hillary Frost Photography_3622Hillary Frost Photography_3623Hillary Frost Photography_3624Hillary Frost Photography_3625Hillary Frost Photography_3626Hillary Frost Photography_3627Hillary Frost Photography_3628Hillary Frost Photography_3629Hillary Frost Photography_3630Hillary Frost Photography_3631Hillary Frost Photography_3632Hillary Frost Photography_3633Hillary Frost Photography_3634Hillary Frost Photography_3635Hillary Frost Photography_3636Hillary Frost Photography_3637Hillary Frost Photography_3638Hillary Frost Photography_3639Hillary Frost Photography_3640Hillary Frost Photography_3641

Hillary Frost Photography_3645Hillary Frost Photography_3642Hillary Frost Photography_3643Hillary Frost Photography_3644Hillary Frost Photography_3647Hillary Frost Photography_3648Hillary Frost Photography_3649Hillary Frost Photography_3658Hillary Frost Photography_3659Hillary Frost Photography_3660Hillary Frost Photography_3661Hillary Frost Photography_3662Hillary Frost Photography_3651Hillary Frost Photography_3652Hillary Frost Photography_3653Hillary Frost Photography_3654Hillary Frost Photography_3655Hillary Frost Photography_3656Hillary Frost Photography_3657

Hillary Frost Photography_3665Hillary Frost Photography_3666Hillary Frost Photography_3667Hillary Frost Photography_3668Hillary Frost Photography_3669Hillary Frost Photography_3670Hillary Frost Photography_3671Hillary Frost Photography_3672Hillary Frost Photography_3673

Hillary Frost Photography_3675Hillary Frost Photography_3674Hillary Frost Photography_3676Hillary Frost Photography_3677Hillary Frost Photography_3678Hillary Frost Photography_3679Hillary Frost Photography_3680Hillary Frost Photography_3681Hillary Frost Photography_3682Hillary Frost Photography_3683Hillary Frost Photography_3684Hillary Frost Photography_3650Hillary Frost Photography_3685Hillary Frost Photography_3686Hillary Frost Photography_3687Hillary Frost Photography_3688Hillary Frost Photography_3689Hillary Frost Photography_3690Hillary Frost Photography_3664

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